Thinking Of Investing in SEO? Here’s Why You Should Use A Professional

In this fast-paced age of instant knowledge sharing and 24/7 access to all kinds of information, it’s easy for just about anyone to claim they are an expert in just about anything. This applies particularly to SEO (search engine optimisation) and some business owners who may be looking to cut costs and do work in-house may try and do their own SEO to save money. There are also countless individuals and companies purporting to be masters of SEO, guaranteeing you page one rankings on Google in a short space of time – this is something to be extremely wary of as no-one can guarantee anything when it comes to Google rankings.

There are several advantages to using a reputable, professional SEO consultant or SEO agency over trying to do it yourself.

Create an SEO strategy based on your business goals

A good SEO company will sit down with you and ask questions to determine what your goals are and then develop an appropriate SEO strategy for your business. They should ask what you want to achieve and what business areas are important to your business to help them decide what your SEO focus should be. It’s no use implementing a plan to build brand awareness when what you really want is to increase sales and profits on your e-commerce site. They should also be able to make other recommendations such as Google Adwords, Remarketing and Google Shopping if that would work well for your business.

Access to tools

SEO agencies will usually have a whole arsenal of different SEO tools at their disposal. There are a number of excellent subscription services for SEO professionals which offer them a variety of useful tools and reports to optimize websites and help clients understand what they need to do to improve and maintain rankings. Some of these sites will offer a limited number of tools to domain owners but SEO companies will have access to many more with their paid subscriptions and also know what the reports really mean.

Access to copywriters

Over the last couple of years the focus for online marketing has shifted significantly towards content marketing. Writing blog posts and articles that go viral on social media is a lot harder than it seems, and not everyone has got the skills needed to write well. Using an SEO agency will give you access to experienced copywriters who with your guidance can start creating valuable, quality content to promote online.

Your Business Is Their Business

Any SEO agency worth their salt will have your business at the forefront of their mind. While their expertise lies in Google updates, Analytics reporting and link building, it means nothing unless they have clients who trust them and see positive results. SEO agencies who value their reputations should focus on ‘white hat’ SEO techniques and achieving genuine results for their clients over a period of time.

Avoiding Google Penalties

Google hate cheats, they want websites to earn their place at the top of the Google results page through creating good quality content and building high quality relevant backlinks. An SEO professional knows the difference between a good link and a bad link, outsource your SEO overseas and your domain name could end up with a Google penalty in the long-term if your SEO has been really effective in getting a lot of bad links. Unfortunately we have seen many businesses who have received a Google ‘Penguin’ penalty from this style of link building.


Experts at keyword research

While you may think you know what your customers are looking for, an SEO consultant is able to conduct in-depth keyword research to help determine if you are using the right keywords and phrases to attract and retain your customers.

These are just a few of the reasons why using a professional SEO company makes sense. If you are prepared to invest time and money in your online presence, it’s worth investing in a quality service, so speak to the Perth SEO experts at Blue Cherry Online Marketing and find out how they can help you achieve your digital marketing goals in 2015.