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Want targeted, measurable
and cost-effective advertising?


Does this sound familiar…

…You’ve got this amazing service but no-one can find it online

….You know your customers are looking for you, but they keep finding your competition instead

…You’re well established in the B2B industry but Google is finding the newcomers before you
– what’s going on?!

Enough’s enough!
You didn’t invest in a sleek website to become the world’s best kept secret,
so let’s change that with Google Ads management in Perth.

Targeted Google Ads = More Eyeballs

Google Ads isn’t rocket science. It’s not even ATAR Maths. Google Ads is a simple formula.

Targeted keywords + the right bid strategy + great account set-up
= winning results

The more people searching for what you do, the more eyeballs see your ad.
And not just any old eyeballs.

Eyeballs belonging to those A grade clients, the ones who actually want to do business with you..

As a Perth Google Ads expert I help you get in front of those eyeballs with specific, measurable and meticulously targeted ads.

So you can…

  • Get predictable results (aka leads and sales)
  • Get found FIRST when they search in Google
  • Get those A grade clients (without having to sift through the tyre kickers first)

Sounds good? Let's get cracking.

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Our Google Ads Expert

I like to keep things simple, no BS and a good dose of straight talking. Every business is different, and with 20 years experience I know what works and what doesn’t.

Bottom line, if I don’t think you’ll get results with Google Ads, I’ll tell you. Your results are what drives me, (I’m one of those quietly competitive types), so if I can’t win the Google Ads game for you, I don’t play. Which keeps things pretty clear for both is us.

Ready to chat?

Then answer a couple of questions to see if we’re a good fit and if we are , you’ll receive a link to book a call.


What are Google Ads?


Rewind a sec, before we jump into what Google Ads are, let’s imagine you’re searching for something online –
…maybe a plumber?
…a supplier of diamond tipped drill bits
…a naked yoga class? (I bet that got your attention!)

Anyway, you search and Google spits out the list of chosen ones..those hallowed names who get to the top of search results and you click on the first result.

The Google Ads result.

In the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM for short) it is not a level playing field. If you have paid to advertise with Google Ads, then your ad will rise to the top. Period.

Which is bad news for your competitors who aren’t paying for ads, and good news for smart business owners like you who play to win.

What about retargeting Ads?

So, back to our story…

You go to the diamond tipped drill bits website, but leave without buying anything, (you’re undecided).

Except now diamond tipped drill bit ads follow you around the web. They’re everywhere.
Which is exactly why you remember to return and make a purchase.


Google Retargeting Ads don’t have to be complicated. Or Hard (especially with us by your side).
They are a logical, proven and measurable way to get the right eyeballs on the things you sell.

Ready to get the eyeballs?

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Leading Ad Campaigns Blue Cherry Experts Deliver

There are five main types of Google Ad campaigns we run.
Your business goals will determine which we will select for you.


Show up when people search for the keywords in your business

Google Shopping

Get your products showing up when people are searching for them

Display Advertising

Place your ads on specific websites where your audience are browsing


Stay top of mind as your audience browse online and continue to see your ads

Video Advertising

Get your products showing up when people are searching for them


What Type of Ads
Are Right For Your Business?

Not all Google ads are created equal. Nor are all Google Ads experts. Here at Blue Cherry, we are different. Here’s why.

We are all about your results. No faffing, bamboozling you with jargon, just solutions that get your Google ads found online.

We have upfront pricing.. No hidden costs. Clear and simple packages that won’t lock you in.

We’re small but mighty, headed by Blue Cherry founder Karen Dauncey, Google Partner, SEO expert and Google Ads Queen. It’s my business, my passion and my team who drive the results round here and I’m proud to say our results are impressive.

Impressive Results

The Blue Cherry system has worked for over 30+
B2B niches including:

  • Engineering services
  • Commercial weighing services
  • B2B accountants
  • Tourism businesses
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Trademark attorney
  • Mining suppliers
  • Calibration services
  • Pumps and system specialists
  • Packaging and design services
  • Equipment and tooling suppliers

Now it’s time to make it work for you too.

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Need help with Google Ads?

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Google Rating
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Google Rating
Based on 33 reviews