The Evolution Of Search Habits

When we think about how much we rely on mobile technology these days, it’s actually surprising how ingrained it is in even the most mundane things in our lives. A couple of decades ago, having a computer in your home was a big deal. Being connected to the internet was an exciting and terrifying prospect […]

Why Are Local Citations So Important

Local citations are one of the most important things you can do when it comes to local SEO. Local SEO is when you try to rank for your keyword phrases with a geographical location as part of the keyword, for example, ‘plumber Sydney or ‘electrician Subiaco’. Trying to rank for your keyword with a major […]

How To Use Google AdWords Without Throwing Your Dollars Down The Drain – Big Digital Adelaide 2016

  Did you know that Google makes $63 dollars every second in Australia? Neither did most people, until Karen opened her presentation for Big Digital Adelaide with this fact. After an introduction on who Karen is and what she does it was time to get our hands dirty with Google AdWords (thanks to Amy Who […]