6 Things You Need To Consider When Your Website Goes Live

Launching a new website is an exciting time for any business owner. Sharing your latest online platform with the world can be nerve wracking as well and when there is so much to be done before the site officially launches it can be easy to miss out some important things on your to do list. The Blue Cherry team have come up with their top 6 things not to miss out when your new website goes live, so read on if you are about launch a new site and make sure these all get ticked off your list.


Keep The Same URL’s

Try and keep the same URL’s if possible. It makes it so much easier to manage any existing links to these pages which can be an extremely time consuming job. If you do need to change any URL’s, ensure you redirect the old URL to the new URL. This means you won’t lose any existing search engine listings and traffic from other websites.


Lost Pages

If you already have a website and you are launching a new version, are you going to be losing any existing pages? Maybe you have content which is no longer relevant and it’s best to just to ditch it completely. If so, don’t forget to make a plan to redirect them to the most relevant new page. If you can’t find a relevant page to redirect it to, the home page works just as well.


Analytics Code

If you already have a website, you should be running Google Analytics on it. It is so frustrating for us when a website goes live and the Analytics code is not included as it means we have no idea how the new site is performing versus the old one. The existing Google Analytics code should always be transferred to the new site so you can seamlessly track the differences in traffic and goal conversions for before and after the changeover. Hopefully your statistics should improve, such as an increase in time spent on site and a decrease in your bounce rate.


Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is an often overlooked tool when business owners decide to launch and manage their own website and SEO. It allows you to ‘talk’ to Google and tell them everything they needs to know about your site, but Google also gives you valuable information about your site, e.g. if there are any errors with pages. If you have rebranded and have completely new domain, remember to tell Google through Google Webmaster Tools.


Check Your Backlinks

This job is often overlooked as many people are just not aware there are tools available to do this. Checking your backlinks through a tool such as Majestic SEO, allows you to discover what links already exist to your site and what pages they link to. The use of Majestic is free if you can prove you own the domain you are trying to check.  Download your backlinks and see if there are any which link to URL’s that are changing. Where at all possible, redirect these links to the new or most relevant URL.


Check Your Goals

Having a shiny new contact form for customers to complete on your website is great, but don’t forget to check that it actually works. If you need to, create new goals in Google Analytics so you can track any conversions on the forms, or whatever goals you want to track, like newsletter sign ups or clicks on a particular page. And last but not least, connect your Google Analytics with your Google Webmaster Tools to get access to all your organic keyword data.