7 Online Marketing Predictions for 2015

Well 2015 is truly upon us and we’ve taken a look at what experts in the online marketing world are predicting as the digital marketing trends for the coming year.


Online Marketing Predictions 2015


  1. Jason DeMers from Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch predicts on his Forbes article that this is the year of mobile optimisation:


“I predict that the latter half of 2015 will see many businesses finally incorporating mobile into all areas of their digital marketing: a fully responsive website, mobile ads, and separate content specifically for mobile website users. Businesses will also begin to realize the necessity of having a mobile social media strategy that considers how mobile users consume and interact with social media posts.”


  1. David Wells from Inbound Now says one of the key themes for digital marketing this year will be a focus on more interesting and engaging content:


“Over the last few years, marketers increasingly appreciated a long copy over short one and we’ll see this trend blooming in 2015. The length and value of the content will be more essential than ever for effective SEO – Google already labels content of less than 200 words as Thin Content and has two special search algorithms in force, Panda 4.0 and Pay Day 2.0, that are specifically aimed at reducing the ranks of low quality content.”


  1. Growth manager at LoginRadius, Taylor Nelson, says that integration of social media into websites will feature in the focus of the marketing plans on many businesses:


“Websites that integrate social media to their user experience have a higher chance of increasing traffic, as well as increasing user engagement. Having a strong social marketing strategy is a must for today’s social media driven culture, bringing that experience to your website is an added bonus.


Features such as social sharing buttons and social login can do just that. On your blog, make sure to include and strategically place social sharing buttons to increase awareness of your blog content if you want to boost your game in 2015.


If your website has a login functionality, enable social login to enhance user experience and increase conversion of your site. Many large organizations, such as Forbes, Mercedes, and Nike have already seen the benefits and made the shift. In 2015 the number of social websites is going to grow significantly.”


  1. Marketing and sales strategist David Meerman Scott contributed his thoughts on 2015’s online marketing predictions to this IAB Australia post – that real time marketing will become more common as opposed to campaign style marketing:


“…a lot of companies are still focused on campaign-style approaches to content marketing. However, there is no denying that content can be pushed out quickly. Blog posts, videos, and even website updates, can be deployed and delivered to your customer base with haste.

The question for most marketers will be: how do I take advantage of what’s going on right now, at this very instant? You can deliver breaking news and share the latest happenings with your audience, and Scott thinks that few companies are tapping into this opportunity at the moment.”


  1. A focus on conversions instead of traffic is set to be top of many digital marketing strategies in 2015, according to Cade Witnish from Loud&Clear:


“This year marketers will focus more of their marketing spend on improving conversion rates, rather than increasing website traffic.”


  1. Sally Wood from Marketing.com.au says that in 2015, visual and video will rule:


“Video and imagery-based content (think inspirational quotes overlaid on a picture of a beach at sunset) has been growing and growing over recent years. Both of these formats are able to cut through the marketing noise quickly and efficiently, in a way that written and long form content cannot. The old saying is true: a picture tells a thousand words. Imagery, whether it’s video or static, helps brands to stand out from the crowd.”


  1. And finally, one from Karen Dauncey at Blue Cherry Online Marketing – personalisation:


“We believe that nothing annoys customers more than content that is completely irrelevant to them so by providing their followers personalised content based on their previous brand engagement companies will more likely to turn followers into loyal customers.”


So that’s our roundup of the top digital marketing trends to expect in 2015 – we can’t wait to see what the year will bring!