Four Questions To Ask Your SEO Agency Before You Start Working With Them

An SEO agency has the power to make or break your business; a good agency can help boost your online presence and sales significantly, while one that takes shortcuts can cripple your existing online reputation. It’s clear that you have to put your online marketing campaign in good hands and work with a reputable, experienced agency.  Find out if an agency makes the cut by asking these 4 questions before you hire them.

  1. Do you outsource your work overseas?

This strategy doesn’t work in 2016. You need people working on your digital marketing strategy who understand the Australian marketplace and understand your business. They should be able to create good quality and authentic content which your audience can relate to and engage with. Your SEO agency should communicate with you regularly to ensure that their team is getting the results that your need.

  1. Do you have local knowledge?

If your business is in Perth then you should work with a digital agency who understands the city and its business landscape. An agency with local knowledge will be able to provide content that is specific and relevant to your area. They will understand the local culture, holidays, laws and landmarks that are applicable to your business. This is especially important when writing content for your website and for a successful geo-targeted campaign.

  1. Do you create quality, sustainable SEO links?

You are best off working with an agency that takes no shortcuts in creating solid links. You want links which will remain effective throughout Google updates. Ask the agency how they will implement links. Be on the lookout for any attempts to use links to manipulate your site’s Google ranking, as this is seen as a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can cause serious harm to your website’s Google reputation.

  1. Will you be creating good quality content for my business?

You should hire a company who can help you write excellent content to place on your blog and relevant websites. Poorly written content can be an embarrassment and reflects badly on your business. The right content helps you engage with your audience – it builds trust and establishes you as an expert in the field.

Karen Dauncey

Karen Dauncey has been working in SEO since 2003. She specialises in helping businesses get found online through Google using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Karen's wealth of SEO knowledge and practical digital marketing experience comes from running her own SEO and Google Ads agency, Blue Cherry Online Marketing since 2008. Karen has optimised over 1000 websites, managed millions of dollars' worth of spend on Google Ads and has a solid understanding of the constantly shifting industry of digital marketing and SEO. This gives her a unique advantage when it comes to being able to recommend the right online marketing strategies for your business.

She is the founder and creator of The SEO School an online SEO Course to help teach business owners how to do their own SEO. She regularly delivers educational programs for both Local, State and Federal Government and was an advisor for the ASBAS Digital Solutions Program. Karen’s passion and commitment to help small business owners get found online is the driving force behind her online school, making SEO advice accessible to all with free resources and online courses.

Karen has attended search engine conferences in London, Stockholm, Adelaide and Sydney, and was also invited to attend a pilot Business Coaching Course at Google’s Head Office. She has a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK.

She is also the co-owner of the Digital Experts Directory, an online directory for female serviced-based businesses to promote their business (with a great backlink for SEO).

To keep up to date with the latest in SEO, join her Facebook group The SEO School Community or follow her on Facebook
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