Why Blue Cherry

Insider knowledge. Our many years’ experience (since 2003) gives you an edge on the competition. We’ve seen almost everything and know how to respond to increase your results.

Customisation. Bespoke research and strategy mean we invest the time so you don’t have to. We develop the most cost-effective way to generate quality traffic to your website.

Accredited. Blue Cherry Online Marketing has a number of Google AdWords Certified Individuals on the team. You can be confident we have the best foundations to set-up your campaign before even starting to apply our strategies.

Experience. Clients at Blue Cherry Online Marketing range from small independents to multi-million dollar giants, all with a wide variety of budgets and online marketing goals. We’ve seen it all.

Longevity. We have long-term experience and have worked with a diverse range of businesses since 2003.

Flexible. Don’t worry, we don’t lock you into long-term contracts with no escape. Our mission is to show you how great we are and to do so quickly and efficiently. We also understand that this is a partnership and great partnerships don’t happen overnight. We’re not here to make a quick buck, we’re your partner in excellence today, tomorrow and for the future.

Communication. We ensure communication between us is regular, open and honest – we listen to our clients and if we think something won’t work, we’ll tell you. We won’t be wasting your time or your money.

Friends of Google. We attended an exclusive invite from Google for an all-expenses business coaching programme at Google HQ in Sydney, thus endorsing our industry credibility.

Magic touches and brilliant basics. We love to show how awesome we are and how we really care about your business and getting great results. Try us out and lets us show you what we can do.