Social Media Advertising

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Social media advertising involves using the data that social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook collect on its users and using this to create targeted advertising campaigns aimed at a specific audience. These platforms are powerful in allowing you to successfully target ads and accurately measure the results of your social media advertising campaigns.

The beauty of advertising on Facebook is that it allows you to target a very precise audience. So whether it’s females aged between 35- 45 who like dogs or males from the UK who live in Australia, Facebook advertising can get you straight in front of the people that you want. Used in conjunction with Google Analytics, you can see exactly how engaged each user group is on your website so you can successfully plan the next part of your SEO and social media strategy.

LinkedIn on the other hand is more of a professional social media network. It is a powerful tool where you can target your audience based on things like their job title and although the cost of advertising tends to be a bit higher on LinkedIn compared to Facebook the traffic is highly targeted.

Remarketing on Facebook is really powerful. Anyone who visits your websitand then jumps onto Facebook can then see your ads through remarketing. Integrated with a Google AdWords remarketing campaign you can follow your website visitors around for a short period of time to maintain brand awareness and it’s really cost-effective as you only pay for the clicks on your ad.

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