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Social media is a really important part of your online marketing mix. It helps to build credibility for your brand and position yourself as an expert in your niche. When combined with a solid SEO strategy it can really help to build your online presence.

We help you build your tribe

Having a strong social media presence helps to build an engaged customer audience and comes full circle with content marketing. This is where, to help your SEO, we create unique content that is distributed to websites where your target audience may be online. This same content can be posted on your social media and used to drive people back to your website as well as creating more brand awareness, helping establish your authority in your industry.

So how do you know which social media platforms you should be investing your time and effort in? Facebook is ideal if you are a business to consumer (B2C) business, while LinkedIn is much better for business to business (B2B) companies. All forms of social media allow you to post content and engage with your audience for free but if you really want to engage with your audience then you often need to pay to increase your visibility and your engagement and add social media advertising to your online marketing strategy.

At Blue Cherry Online Marketing, we use the data from your chosen social media channels to effectively advertise to a targeted audience. LinkedIn and Facebook collect a vast amount of data about their users and this enables us to serve highly targeted advertising to those people who are most likely to engage and convert. Once they have been to your website you can re-engage them via remarketing both across the web as well as on different social media channels to bring them back to your website.

We offer Facebook and LinkedIn advertising and can also manage your social media presence alongside this. Social media management and advertising often works really well when you are already doing SEO with Blue Cherry Online Marketing. It means we can create highly relevant and engaging content, post it to websites and networks where your customers are hanging out and also share it across your chosen social media channels. We ensure that your content reaches the right audience so the only thing you need to worry about it answering your enquiries.

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