SEO Campaigns

You have a great looking website – but can anyone find it?

Long tail keywords, anchor text, meta descriptions, ranking factors, local SEO and blogging – we’ll help you breakthrough the SEO marketing jargon.

At Blue Cherry, our SEO services we help you stand out from the crowd. We will research your industry, market and current online presence, and only then do we make recommendations on the most suitable SEO campaign for you and we never sell you services you don’t need.

Our proven, in-depth formula looks at every aspect of your website and your potential market. The list of work that we undertake includes;

  • Keyword research to find the keywords and phrases your customers are searching for.
  • Working to optimise every page of your website. We don’t believe in doing half a job
  • Writing meta data, optimising content and improving your internal site architecture.
  • Setting up your Google accounts, including Google My Business and Google Search Console. We know the right way to set-up all of these accounts for maximum benefit.
  • Backlink analysis to ensure you have no nasty backlinks that are affecting your success on Google.
  • Ensuring Google Analytics is set-up on your website correctly (many are not!) and that we are tracking goals to get a clear measurement on what is happening on your website.
  • Bespoke link building and content marketing strategy.
  • Content marketing is great for SEO and to connect with potential customers. We place your content where your audience lives to maximise potential.

To help your SEO, we create unique content, distributed across the websites your target audience are browsing. This same content can also be posted on social media to drive people back to your website as well as creating brand awareness, helping establish authority in your industry.

To find out more about our SEO Campaigns, contact Blue Cherry  today.

Not sure if SEO Campaigns are the way to go for you? Take a look at our Google Adwords management services or get in touch for a no-obligation chat. We also provide SEO for agencies, so if you’re part of an agency get in touch today.