Online Marketing Consultancy

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Here at Blue Cherry we focus on return on investment (ROI) – anything we do for you should result in you getting more business – because if it doesn’t, what’s the point?

So if you would like all an overview of what you need to do to maximise your online presence and ultimately increase conversions and profits, consider using Blue Cherry’s online marketing consultancy service.

Your goals will shape the online marketing strategy we design for your business. Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Do you want to get more traffic to your website? Do you want get more sales?

Whatever your goals are, Blue Cherry Online can develop an online marketing strategy to meet those goals. Our  typical strategy documents include:

  • Industry Insights
  • Mobile Trends for your Industry.
  • Keyword research including search volume trends throughout the year.
  • Current keyword rankings
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Online Marketing Opportunities for your business including SEO and Google Adwords recommendations.

With this plan in place you can either work on the process inhouse or employ us to do the work for you, take a look at our in-house SEO and Google Adwords services.

Have a look at the prices for our Online Marketing Strategy and get in touch to order yours now.