How To Access ‘Not Provided’ Keywords In Google Analytics

How To Access 'Not Provided' Keywords In Google Analytics


This may sound like a completely impossible task, yet with a little effort and some inside knowledge, you can access at least some of the possible keywords that frustratingly appear, in growing numbers, as ‘not provided’ in Google Analytics.

Hopefully, you are already regularly checking what keywords your website is being found for in your Google Analytics account, and if so, you would no doubt have noticed that there is a large amount of keyword data which states ‘not provided’. This typically means that these searches have been conducted while a user is logged into their Google account. The search has therefore taken place on an SSL (secure) link and therefore the data cannot be shared with any third parties, even your Analytics account.

However, all is not lost! You can still get access to what some of these search terms might be so let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can do this, which will no doubt help you to understand more about how your website is being found organically.

Google AdWords Data

If you are running Google AdWords, one of the easiest ways to find more keywords for your site is to look at what keywords in AdWords are getting you clicks. Simply go into your chosen campaign, then select ‘Keywords’, and then click on ‘Details’ and then ‘Search Terms – All’. This will show you all the keywords for which your ads have appeared and been clicked on in your chosen date range. It doesn’t give you keywords which have been searched and not clicked on though. This will still give you an insight into what your customers are searching for before landing on your website.

Search Console Data

The newly named Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools) is another good place to find keywords. Simply navigate to ‘Search Traffic’ and then ‘Search Analytics’. These can then be broken down into ‘Clicks’ and ‘Impressions’ to show which keywords got clicks and which got impressions, which is great to differentiate.

Use Filters in Analytics

While you won’t be able to get the not provided keywords out of Google Analytics, you can set up a filter for the not provided keyword data to segment it by landing page. You can then work out which are your most popular landing pages for these not provided keywords and make some educated guesses about what keywords this traffic may be coming from.

Site Search Data

If you have search functionality for users on your own website, take a look at what they are looking for once they land on your website. This can give you valuable insights for exactly what people are looking for once they have arrived at your site, which can be very specific data.

These are just some of the ways you can access some additional keyword data and try and get back some of the not provided keywords that are so elusive on Google Analytics.

What are your best ways to find not provided data? We’d love to hear them!