Google My Business Makeover – October 2015

A couple of weeks ago we opened up our Google My Business listings and were greeted with a brand new look. While not particularly surprising, as Google My Business/Google+/Google Places seems to look new every five minutes these days, this new makeover certainly seemed to be a little more easy on the eye and usability definitely looks better too.


Of course we looked for some information regarding this update and came across this great post from Kwasi Studios about the recent update with a quick and easy guide to the new look and functionality.


The main feature we love about this makeover for Google My Business is the fact that Google+ brand pages and local (storefront) pages are now more clearly differentiated. We also are so happy to see listings are now in alphabetical order, which will save heaps of time.


Google My Business Update October 2015


Insights are also now available in a much more user-friendly format, allowing anyone with access to the listing to see how many people have viewed the listing as well as how many people have clicked through to the website as well as how many people have called the business using the phone number provided on the listing and on what days and at what times – all of these can help you with your Google AdWords campaigns as well as help you gain valuable insights into how your SEO is working for your business.


Google My Business Update October 2015


What do you think of the new look for Google My Business? Let us know in the comments below.