Blue Cherry Online Marketing – Monthly News Round Up – March 2016

SEO and SEM News


Each month we present a snapshot of news across our industry affecting SEO, SEM and social media. Check out the latest news stories and opinion pieces which we think are important to both us and our clients.


1) Google AdWords Abandons The Right Hand Side Column Ads

OK so technically this happened in late February but as we didn’t do a monthly round up in February, this one makes it onto this month’s list. It’s a pretty big shake up of the search engine results page. No more right hand side ads, due to their low CTR’s according to the official announcement from Google, so now we have just 4 ads at the top of the page and up to 3 at the bottom of the organic results and so far this hasn’t made a big difference to our clients’ results.

2) Animal Sounds Added To Google Search Results

We know this doesn’t really affect us but it’s pretty cool! You can now ask Google what sound an animal makes and the actual sound is one of your results. Just another way that search results are constantly evolving and showing the results directly on the search engine results page that a user really wants.


3) Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Is Getting An Update

After last year’s supposed ‘Mobilegeddon’ update, which turned out to be more of a ripple than a tsunami, the mobile algorithm will be getting an update shortly. This will be rolling out from May and will be gradual so no need to panic (unless of course you still don’t have a mobile friendly website – then you need to sort that out!).


4) Google Kicks Off A Redesign Of AdWords

This story is likely to be greeted by AdWords account managers everywhere with a groan. Google AdWords is getting a makeover. The first sneak peek shows a much more simplified look, which we can’t think but reminds us of Google+, which has had its fair amount of redesigns over the years. AdWords on the other hand hasn’t had a redesign since 2008 but let’s just hope they don’t fix what isn’t broken.


5) Google Analytics 360 Suite Is Launched

The Google Analytics team is starting to roll out Google Analytics 360 Suite, which aims to pull through a heap of different data to help marketers and business owners get a better insight into what is and isn’t working for them when it comes to their online marketing. This is a chargeable product from Google and is aimed at large enterprises.


6) 3 Facebook Direct Response Products You Should Be Using Now

If you aren’t using (or worse, haven’t heard of) carousel ads, lead ads or dynamic product ads, you need to read this article now!


7) Bloggers Told To No Follow Links Which Are A Result Of Free Products

In this interesting post on the Google Webmaster Central blog, Google has advised bloggers everywhere to make sure any links which are due to them receiving a freebie (whether that’s a product or service) are no follow links. While some bloggers may have been quaking in their boots after reading that, we found an awesome follow up article about this where SEO experts were asked their opinion on this announcement, and their views may come as a surprise.


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