Blue Cherry Online Marketing – Monthly News Round Up – June 2015


SEO and SEM News


Each month we present a snapshot of news across our industry affecting SEO, SEM and social media. Check out the latest news stories and opinion pieces which we think are important to both us and our clients.

1) Gary Illyes Announced A Panda Update Is Coming Soon

At SMX Advanced earlier this month, Gary Illyes from Google mentioned a Panda update would be rolled out in the next 2 – 4 weeks. Read the full Q&A for all his insights on the link above.

2) 5 Recent Updates from Bing Ads You Need to Know About

If you already run Google AdWords but have been thinking about trying out Bing ads, here are 5 recent updates that might make you consider them seriously, including being able to import your Google Shopping campaigns with a single click. Awesome!

3) Google’s Awesome New Location Aware Search

This was shared with attendees at SMX Sydney but here is a video of Google’s new location aware search functionality from SMX Paris – where you don’t even have to know the name of things to search for information about them.

4) How To Write High Impact Blog Posts

We all know that blogging is the way forward, but here are some great ways to create fantastic content that really speaks to your audience.

5) 5 Ways to Reduce Touchpoints On the Social Media Conversion Funnel

Marcela De Vivo explains why you should be trying reduce touchpoints when it comes to conversions from social media and how to do it.

6) Facebook Tweaks News Feed To Account For Time Spent On Stories

Facebook has announced another algorithm change, this time it takes into account the time spent on stories by users to determine what to serve users in their newsfeed. Read all about it here.

7) Meet The Egyptian Repairman Who Outranked Google

And finally, a story that’s been taking the SEO world by storm – a repairman from Egypt has managed to outrank Google for their own brand name! Find out how he did it! (Disclaimer: we do not recommend any of these strategies!)

Have you read an interesting or useful article on SEO, SEM or social media lately? We would love you to share it with us here at Blue Cherry Online Marketing.