Blue Cherry Online Marketing – Monthly News Round Up – April 2015


Each month we present a snapshot of news across our industry affecting SEO, SEM and social media. Check out the latest news stories and opinion pieces which we think are important to both us and our clients.



1) Top Winners and Losers Of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

This month it’s been all about Mobilegeddon, which turned out not to be the end of the world! Check out the winners and losers after the latest algorithm update from Google.


2) Beacons to Revolutionize Search in 2020

Dan Christo over at Search Engine Watch has gone out on a limb and predicted that 2020 will be ‘The Year Of The Beacon’ – read all about why beacons will revolutionise search in the not too distant future.


3) Why You Need A Social Media Calendar and How To Create One

Quicksprout shows us how a social media calendar can help drive more traffic to your site and increase engagement with your audience – if you don’t have one, find out how to set one up now.


4) How Google’s Evolution is Forcing Marketers to Invest in Loyal Audiences

This week’s Whiteboard Friday from Moz takes a look at how you can build a loyal audience – great to watch as well as a handy transcript if you prefer to read about it!


5) Google Profits Rise Driven By Increasing Ad Revenues

Profits over at Google for the first quarter of the year have been announced and revenue from advertising has helped them increase their overall profits yet again.


6) Using PPC Marketing to Make Content Go Viral: Here’s How It Works

Larry Kim wrote a fantastic article about using pay per click marketing to make content go viral – including how he managed to hundreds of mentions for less than $50.


7) Earth Day Quiz: Google’s 2015 Earth Day Logo Answers The Question “Which Animal Are You?”

And finally, a bit of fun – did you see the Google Doodle on Earth Day this month? It was a cute quiz to find out what animal you were. We got mostly Woolly Mammoths in the office – ‘so unique, we’re technically extinct’!


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