Blue Cherry Explains: Different Types Of Google AdWords Campaigns

You may have noticed in one of our previous blogs that we LOVE Google AdWords. Not only does it get you in front of your potential customers exactly when they are looking for you, but it also does it instantly. No hanging about waiting to see if all that search engine optimisation will ever pay off. Just there you are, page one.




But with so many different types of AdWords campaigns, how do you know which would be the best for your business? Let’s take a look at some of the different campaigns you can run in Google AdWords.


The two main campaign types are Search campaigns and Display campaigns. Google also offers Search with Display Select campaigns which are mainly targeted at those who are unfamiliar with AdWords and we don’t recommend using this type of campaign as it can result in less targeted campaigns that may not generate the best results for your business.


Search campaigns are exactly what they say they are – when someone searches on Google for keywords or phrases you have specified, your advert may appear. There are two main factors which determine whether your ad will appear and in what position – your maximum bid for the keyword and your quality score for the keyword. You can easily control your bid (which is how much you are willing to pay for each click), but quality score is sometimes harder to influence. It is calculated every time a search is performed by looking at what sort of experience your landing page provides as well as the way your ads are written. Search campaign ads can only be text based ads.


adwords image


Display campaigns are a little more complex to manage as there are many facets to consider. When you run a display campaign, your ad can appear on various websites and apps, such as Gmail, YouTube, newspaper websites, and just about any website that allows Google advertising. Choosing where to have your ads appear is crucial when running a display campaign – you can choose to set parameters so that your ads only show on particular websites which are niche to your industry and this often works well. Or if you are aiming to create more brand awareness you could ensure your ads appear anywhere and everywhere – it’s completely down to what you want to achieve. With a display campaign you can choose to run text ads, image ads and banners or a combination of both.


Within these campaigns you can pick from several campaign sub-types, such as remarketing, dynamic search or display ads and mobile apps. Remarketing is a fantastic way to target customers who have already been to your website but perhaps not converted yet (for example made a purchase or signed up to your newsletter). Dynamic Search campaigns and Dynamic Display campaigns use the content of your website to dynamically create adverts instead of you having to write the ads or design image ads. Mobile app campaigns show your ads on apps on both Android and iOS devices.


Feeling a little overwhelmed with all your options? For some professional advice regarding running relevant Google AdWords campaigns, speak to the digital marketing experts at Blue Cherry Online Marketing. We can help you run successful Google AdWords campaigns that generate conversions for your business – so what are you waiting for?