Big Digital Adelaide – The New Digital Marketing Conference On The Block


Just like Perth, Adelaide is one of Australia’s smaller cities. This means that when it comes to all the big events, many times we’re often left off the schedule (thanks a lot Coldplay!). It also means that if we want to attend any of these events, we need to fork out for flights and accommodation in the bright lights of Sydney or Melbourne. Along with our ticket costs of course!

Next month however, there’s a brand new digital marketing conference in town, and this time Adelaide is hosting! Big Digital Adelaide aims to showcase some of the finest online marketing minds in the business over a jam-packed 2 day schedule.

Being held on 7 & 8 June at The Science Exchange in the heart of the city, there will be a whole host of topics and speakers to keep your brain working all day. With two different tracks being run each day, you can jump between session areas or choose to focus on an area you are keen to learn more about.

Day 1 allows you to choose between Organic Search & Social and Paid Search & Social topics. Day 2 leads with Organic Search & Social but the second track is something I love – Blogging & Content Development. Sessions for each track will be held in different rooms so make sure you take a good look at the schedule here and plan which sessions you are going to attend in advance. They’ve combined social with both the organic and paid tracks as it’s pretty impossible to separate social into its own category these days, given how ingrained it is in everything we do.

There are plenty of speakers we’re excited to hear from, and Blue Cherry Online Marketing’s very own Karen Dauncey will be speaking on the first day at the first session of the paid search and social topics! She’ll be talking about how to ensure you run a paid search campaign on Google AdWords without wasting your hard-earned dollars. She’ll have tips for those business owners managing their AdWords campaigns and will also talk about how to make sure you are measuring your campaign performance effectively.

Dan Petrovic from Dejan SEO is always fascinating to listen to and he is talking on Day 1 about understanding the art of link earning and how to get links without actually asking for them (and definitely without paying for them!).

The SEM Post’s Jennifer Slegg is tackling the issue of featured snippets and will be talking about why they can be a good thing, and more importantly, how to get your website to feature in them.

Gary Illyes, a webmaster trends analyst from Google, will be hosting the closing keynote on the first day and his session is called ‘I’m Gary Illyes, Ask Me Anything’. That should be very interesting although most people ask him anything on Twitter anyway. I wonder if I should ask him about Penguin’s launch date…probably best not!

Wednesday sees one of the organisers of the conference, the talented Sha Menz from Rmoov, discussing the dreaded Google Penguin penalties and what to do if you get a manual penalty due to a Penguin update as part of the Organic Search & Social track.

Day 2 also sees James Norquay from Prosperity Media talking on the topic of ’20 Content Marketing Tactics To Make Your Business Blog Go BOOM!’, something which all businesses should be listening to.

If you’ve ever been concerned about the security of your WordPress site, you’ll be keen to listen to Chris Burgess talking about risks when it comes to having a WordPress site and some great preventative measures that will help keep it protected. With a third of all sites being WordPress these days, many people will be interested in this session.

This is just a quick snapshot of some of the awesome speakers you can expect at Big Digital Adelaide. Tickets to this fantastic new digital marketing conference start from just $349 for a 2 day pass. Those of you in the industry will know just what a bargain this is! You can still get your tickets online here.

Are you going to Big Digital Adelaide? Who are you excited to see?