Do you need low-cost help with your SEO or Google Ads?

I’m really excited to announce that I’m working with the Business Station Inc who are contracted to provide the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) in WA, NT and Qld. ASBAS is a project that has been created to increase the digital capability and capacity of every small business in Australia.

This means that you can now book an hour with me (first hour is $20, then it’s $40 an hour after that)) to pick my brain on all aspects of SEO & Google Ads including Google My Business and Google Analytics so if you have been struggling in any of these areas and you want me to help you fix up some of your issues or help you get started then get me booked in. I can also help with general marketing and website advice. This is not a done for you service, more of an opportunity for you to increase your digital marketing skills to help your own business.

You can access advisory services as well as workshops (both in person and online) for a low-cost. There are a few limitations on your business. These are:

  • You must have a registered ABN
  • Your business must be located in WA, NT or QLD
  • You as the business owner must meet with me
  • Your business must not have more than 19 staff
  • You cannot be a not-for-profit

So here is how it works.

1. Register via the Business Station Inc website (this will take about 5 mins as you need to complete some info)
2. In the system, you need to book a consult with me (Karen) as your advisor.
3. You have access to up 24hrs of consults across all advisors.
4. The first consult is $20 and after then it is $40 per hour.

Here is when and where we can connect:

Tuesday: 9am – 3pm in ECU Business & Innovation Centre Joondalup
Thursday: 9am – 5pm at the Stirling Business Centre

So if you would love to access a consult with me, here is how you get started:
1. Register/login to Adams via the Client Portal
2. Complete your Profile and Customer Needs Analysis before you can book a one-to-one
3. Once you have completed your Profile and Customer Needs Analysis, you will then be able to select a topic and the system will show advisors who service their area.
4. If they are unable to find a particular Advisor you can choose “See All Advisors”
5. Once you have booked your appointment it will appear on your Timeline (

You can only book up to 30 days in advance via the ADAMS system.

So what can we talk about in your consult? 

As you know I have a huge range of skills across the online marketing space. We can discuss anything that you need help with really. But here are some ideas:

  • Getting started with keyword research for SEO.
  • Reviewing your current SEO and what is stopping you from ranking well.
  • Reviewing your Google Ads campaign and making changes to improve your presence.
  • Setting up Google Analytics and helping you to understand what the data all means.
  • Addressing issues with Google My Business.

You can only book me in for 1 hour at a time but I am happy to see you regularly so we can really get stuck in and improve your online presence. This is such a great opportunity considering my usual hourly rate.

BUT – here is what this service is not for.. You cannot book me for 20 hours and we optimise your whole website. You cannot book me in and hand the work over. The idea is that we work together (either online or in person) to grow and improve your skill set. Whilst I am able to complete work with you, the emphasis is really on you learning so that you feel confident in the future.

Workshops and Webinars

As if being able to work 1-on-1 with me isn’t enough, you can also book to attend workshops and webinars. I will have some of these up and running in the next couple of weeks and suggest you keep an eye on my Facebook page where these events will be announced. Again, these are designed to be low-cost (typically $18) and I will be offering workshops on a variety of topics within the SEO & Google Ads space.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email