Have you ever wondered why certain ads follow you from site to site, that’s remarketing?

Remarketing is used to target people who have previously been to your site but perhaps not converted yet. It’s not only a great way to keep your brand at the front of people’s mind, it’s also very responsive as you can easily change your ads when promotions start or end.

As Google AdWords management specialists, Blue Cherry Online Marketing are experts in Google Remarketing campaigns.

Adverts on remarketing are either professional design image ads, or responsive ads which allow Google to serve your ads up in a variety of sizes, providing your business with much better coverage across the Google Display Network. Using remarketing instead of traditional display advertising can result in lower costs as your ads are only targeted at people who have previously been to your website and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This can give your business great brand awareness at a low cost per month, especially when compared to Display Advertising.

All campaigns that run in Google AdWords are highly measurable, there is good data on how many times your ad is seen and how many times it is clicked on. We are even able to determine people who saw your ad, didn’t click on it, but later returned to your website to convert.

If you are looking for a form of advertising that is targeted and measurable, remarketing could be ideal for you. Contact Blue Cherry digital marketing agency in Perth and see how we can help you set up remarketing for your business.