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Google Adwords Qualified Individual

Google Adwords Management

Pay per Click (PPC) is also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Pay per Click allows you to use systems such as Google Adwords where you can bid a maximum amount you would be prepared to pay for someone to click on your keyword to access your website. One of the big benefits of PPC management is that you can get instant traffic rather than wait for organic SEO which can take some time.

A well managed PPC campaign will take some time to set-up to its optimum level. With PPC campaigns you can test a number of keywords and text adverts to determine which are adverts are resulting in clicks through to your website and bringing you business. A campaign can be continually tweaked and optimised to work on bringing down your cost per click whilst increasing your position.

Google currently dominates search marketing with over 90% of searches being undertaken on Google so their adwords product tends to dominate the PPC landscape. Adverts set-up through Google Adwords appear on the Search Engine Results page, both at the top and to the right hand side as well as other partner websites such as AOL, Netscape, etc. Google adverts are also able to be displayed on other websites relevant to your subject matter.

Karen at Blue Cherry is a Qualified Google Advertising Professional and has taken the accreditation exam to demonstrate her competence at managing Google Adwords.