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Link Building and Directories

Link building is an important part of search engine optimisation, they work a bit like votes for your website and the more websites who link to you (vote for you!) the better you website is perceived to be by the search engines. This can only help improve your website rankings and links from other websites will also generate traffic to your website. Over the last few years link building has been much abused and there are many poor quality websites out there where you can get a link but these are also filled with other spammy websites and can damage your rankings by linking within a bad neighbourhood. 

It is important to have a link building strategy in place to maintain the direction with your campaign. The initial part of link building often starts with the client themselves, they will have certain contacts and relationships within their industry which they will be able to leverage to get a link. Think about all of the associations you belong to and make sure your website is listed on their websites, these will be good and relevant links. What about suppliers or clients, are there opportunities to get a link for their websites if appropriate? There may also be charities or organisations that you sponsor and again these can provide valuable links.

Finding good quality links

There will be many other opportunities to get links from sources that you are unaware of. It is important to get relevant and good quality links pointing into your website and this where our expert SEO service comes into play. Submissions to good quality directories still have some weight although it is definitely less significant than it used to be, we have extensive experience of link building for a variety of websites and different industries and can provide a number of good quality links into your website.

We are happy to offer just link building services if you already work on your SEO in-house or alternatively offer the full service and offer quarterly link building reports so you can see all of the links that have been requested. Link Building is slow work and it can take time to get good quality links, the benefits though are reaped over time and the older your links become, the more they can help you with both your search engine optimisation and traffic generation.